Popular Types of Videos

Want a Video but Don’t know what Kind?

Videos drive more engagement than any other form of marketing online. And result in higher sales. ( Read more video stats here.) There are several kinds of videos – we’ve compiled this shortlist of popular types of video to help you decide what what might work best for you.

2D Animation

2D animation is one of the most popular video styles because of its relative simplicity and affordability.

2.5D Animation

2.5D animation combines 2D and 3D elements in the same animation. Sometimes all the elements can be 2D but are animated within a 3D environment to give the animation some additional depth.

3D Animation

In 3D animation most or all elements are three dimensional which can make the animation considerably more complex to animate and substantially more expensive.

Live Action

In pure live action videos all footage has been recorded using a video camera in the real world. Some titles or effects may be added in post-production to enhance the final video.

The need for real live actors, locations, props, film crew and extensive post production can make live action videos expensive.


Infographic demo videos are a type of 2D animation that rely heavily on typography by advancing a virtual camera over words, numbers and images in a fluid motion.

Live Stop Motion

Live stop motion videos are the most tedious type of video to produce.
Every frame is photographed separately so the scene can be adjusted slightly in between takes.
It can take weeks to produce a 1 min stop motion demo but the final results can be amazing.

Digital Stop Motion

Digital Stop Motion uses the same principle as live stop motion except that everything happens within a digital environment


Stop motion whiteboard demo videos remain very popular for both inspirational work like the video above or for explainer-style videos.

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